From Whisper of the Heart to Will Smith

Pretty amazing that it started with a scene from Studio Ghibli Whisper of the Heart 1995 (which i saw in the cinema over at the Prince Charles – defo worth a visit if you’re in London) then thanks to ChilledCow – and now Will Smith’s YouTube channel. I’m still thinking how did we get here. Anyhow with all this Corona – Covid – 19 issue – I think i’ll be blogging more and more. I certainly miss it sometimes. Its good in a therapeutic kind of way.

Post image
The Original Study Girl (Shizuku Tsukishima) from Studio Ghibli’s Whisper of the Heart released in 1995
illustration by Location:Paris, France.
Will Smith Inspired By: ChilledCow – Illustration by Ben Haist (

Carpenters Estate, East London beauty

Carpenters Estate, East London Beauty, Stratford viewed from The Footbridge

One of my favourites roads to walk is here – Gibbins Road. I like the design and flow of the road. Its so quiet at some points and has that old early 90s London empty warehouse feel. This place is joined next to Carpenters Road – which was abundant with warehouses and car breakers yards.