This was a long time ago…

I wonder why I haven’t posted in such a long time, its been ages. Anyhoo its amazing these two artists FM-84 and The Midnight have taken synthwave to new heights. Its basically everything we’ve wanted and more. Sometimes I have this feeling that The Midnight and MPM Multipac Soundtracks are working together – as the production and sound is so amazing and at times strikingly similar. Though I could be just wrong and that would be ok by me.

The latest stuff by The Midnight is nothing short of amazing and could be the best thing I’ve heard all year: here have a listen absolutely amazing.

Its incredible the scene has grown so much. I mean did it start so long ago with blog posts and randomn myspace pages about Chillwave, and then that film Drive comes along. That was a game changer – suddenly i’m like “wow other people like this 80s sound and that Mistral Av Font haha” listen yeah I was using that font since 2003!

Then MN84, LA Dreams, and the amazing MPM Multipac Soundtracks. Those were exciting times in 2012.

Thanks bye πŸ™‚